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Road Tennis is the exciting hybrid tennis game, taking PLANET EARTH by storm. You just need a flat surface 20ft by 10ft and you are on your way.
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Road Tennis is indigenous to Barbados. The game was first played in the early 1930s, in the parish of St Michael. Road Tennis was referred to as "poor man's tennis" in relation to traditional tennis.
In the early days two players used pieces of wood as racquets and in extreme cases hard back books. Courts were marked out in roads with marlstones and a piece of wood represented a net. An old lawn tennis ball was used. The table tennis scoring system was adopted.
As the game evolved the fur from the lawn tennis ball was removed. This process is know as 'skinning'. Racquets made out of plywood soon replaced pieces of wood and the road tennis courts were painted.
The Sport of Road Tennis became one of the islands most popular past times. This led to competitions being organized and staged mainly in the areas surrounding the city of Bridgetown.
Road Tennis has become the most exciting version of tennis and is played by people from all social classes, age groups, sex, race, and religion.

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